Camper Complete

Heard of camper tops for your car, but not sure about a camper for your boat? The camper complete concept is very similar. A camper complete on a boat encloses the cockpit area of your boat with canvas and windows to make it a usable space for well, camping and other uses. Expand the times you can use your boat by adding a camper complete for protection from inclement weather, for warmth at night or early/late in the season, for a defense against bugs, as a sleeping porch or simply for privacy. Unlike a camper top for a car, a boat camper complete generally does allow for you to stand up.

Attaching to the back of a boat's bimini top, sunshade, or convertible top; a camper complete has its own frame with canvas and windows. Zippers allow access in and out. Essentially enclose your bimini top with windows!

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Camper Complete Parts

Canvas - Naturally, the majority of a camper top is canvas. The fabrics and colors available for Great Lakes Boat Top factory replacement camper tops vary by boat make and model. The marine fabrics used for camper tops are originally selected by the boat manufacturer from Sunbrella®, Stamoid™ and SeaMark™.

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Windows - Great Lakes Boat Top primarily uses Eisenglass windows in its enclosures, although the boat manufacturer selects the window type during the original design process of the camper top. Eisenglass windows are clear, vinyl windows that can be zipped in or out and rolled up for flexibility in using and storing your camper top. Additionally, camper top windows will also have screens

Frame - The frame of a camper top will often be made of aluminum tubing that connects for the exact dimensions of the boat model for which the top was designed.

Camper Top - Rear top only for camper option without curtains.

Camper Complete Fit

The perfect fit a Great Lakes Boat Top camper top will have is a result of our direct involvement with the boat's manufacturer throughout the design process to ensure every curve and cranny is reflected in the camper complete pattern and ulitmate final fit and performance. Experienced engineers construct the top for strength, appearance and fit, in addition to meeting the manufactuer's high quality standards and matching the other factory canvas offered with the boat. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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