General Order Information

How do I place a marine canvas order?
First, request a price quote for the boat enclosure, top or cover that you need using the online form or call Great Lakes Boat Top Customer Service toll free at 877-867-7861. Once you have identified the canvas top or cover you need and have a price quote, we can confirm your desire to order boat canvas products via email or fax. Payment is possible via credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, Discover) or personal check.
What forms of payment are accepted?
Great Lakes Boat Top accepts MasterCard , VISA and Discover credit card payments for marine canvas boat tops or boat enclosure orders. Personal checks are also accepted; however, an order will not be processed until the check is received. For faster processing, please provide us with a credit card when you place your order.
How long will it take to receive my boat cover or top?
We will ship your order 10 business days after receipt. It is possible it may ship sooner, but each boat top, cover or enclosure is made custom for you after ordering and some days are busier than others.

Marine Canvas Specific Questions

How do I maintain my canvas?
For all our best tips in maintaining your canvas please see our Canvas Care page.
Will my snaps be installed/included?
The snaps will be included with your order but not installed.
Can I put a boat top, cover or enclosure on my boat from a year that differs from the boat's model year?
Each bimini top, tonneau cover, camper top, convertible top, etc. is made for a specific year, make and model of boat. A Great Lakes Boat Top marine canvas product is designed to accommodate every curve, cleat and standard option available on that boat. Putting a canvas enclosure or boat top on a boat from a year that differs from what the canvas was designed, will result in an improper fit. The marine canvas products created by Great Lakes Boat Top are desinged to be a perfect fit.
What is a tonneau cover?
A tonneau cover, also called a bow cover, is a boat cover that snaps to the open bow area of a boat. See tonneau cover photos and read a detailed description here. See photos and read more descriptions of a variety of boat covers, boat tops and enclosures on our Canvas Types page.
Can I buy just the factory bimini top fabric without the frame?
Yes, you can just buy factory bimini top fabric for use with the bimini frame already on your boat. Ordering just the fabric is a great way to save money, reduce install time and not waste a perfectly good bimini top frame. However, the bimini top or other boat top frame must be the original frame from the factory top or enclosure that came with your boat . If you added an aftermarket bimini top, camper top or other boat top on your boat from another source, the Great Lakes Boat Top bimini fabric or fabric for another top or enclosure will not fit that frame. The same is true for fabric for camper tops and other enclosures. See available fabrics.
Can I upgrade to Strataglass?
Because Great Lakes Boat Top makes the canvas boat enclosures and tops directly for the boat manufacturers, the canvas products we offer are the same products designed for the boat brands. If the boat manufacturer did not choose a fabric, color, or option for the boat cover, top or enclosure, it was not designed or patterned with that feature and we cannot offer it. This is why the marine canvas products we sell are the original canvas as was sold with the boat. You can be sure you are matching or replacing that original canvas when you purchase from Great Lakes Boat Top.
Do you have a Camper Top for a Sea Ray 300 or above?
Sea Ray did not offer a camper option for any boats larger than 30 foot. Since it wasn't an option we do not have this specific pattern available. Click here for other canvas options.
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