Factory Replacement Sunshade Tops

The very name "sunshade" tells you everything you need to know about the function of this kind of boat top. Attaching to the radar arch and protruding toward the aft of the boat, a sunshade shades the sun for those in the rear of the boat. It is kind of like a bimini top on backwards.

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Sunshade Use

Sunshades are only found on boats with radar arches. The solid structure of the radar arch is used to secure the top to the boat and support the frame. The sunshade will fold and secure to the arch when not in use.

Naturally, the sunshade is designed to shade the sun. However, it is also popular to attach a sunshade aft curtain to a sunshade top to create an enclosure for protection from other elements like rain and cold in order to extend your boating season and expand the uses of your boat. The sunshade curtain will attach to the boat via snaps.

Sunshade Parts

Simiilar to the parts required for a bimini top, a sunshade has several pieces.

Canvas - A sunshade's canvas is naturally what provides the shade. The fabrics and colors available for Great Lakes Boat Top factory replacement sunshades vary by boat make and model. The marine fabrics used for sunshade tops are originally selected by the boat manufacturer from Sunbrella®, Stamoid™ and SeaMark™.

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Tubing - A sunshade top uses aluminum or stainless steel tubes as the support for the canvas.

Sunshade Top Fittings

Fittings - Sunshade top fittings are generally made of nylon, aluminum or stainless steel and are used to hold the sunshade top tubing together attach it in the back to the boat's arch.

Curtains - As an optional add-on accessory, sunshade top curtains provide additional protection and create a complete new look for a boat.

If you are replacing your original factory sunshade top with another from Great Lakes Boat Top, you can purchase the entire sunshade with canvas, tubing and fittings, or you can request just the canvas, if your sunshade top's tubing and fittings are still functional. Request a price quote for a full sunshade top or just the sunshade canvas.

Sunshade Fit

You won't find a sunshade top at your local marine retail store or even at a boat dealer. Great Lakes Boat Top has partnered with almost 30 boat manufacturers over their 50 year history (and still today) to make original equipment sunshades and dozens of other boat covers, tops and enclosures. The sunshade top designs are patterned specifically for a year, make and model of a boat and made to the boat manufacturer's specifications. If we made a sunshade top for your boat at the request of the manufacturer, we have the pattern to make that exact same, exact matching, exact fitting sunshade top for you. Guaranteed.

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