General Marine Canvas Care and Maintenance

Below are some suggestions for how to clean and maintain your marine canvas, boat upholstery or enclosure glass. Always identify the type of fabric or glass you have and check with the manufacturer first before following any cleaning or care routine. Great Lakes Boat Top is not responsible for damage to fabrics or materials due to treatments with the wrong cleaning or care product. If you are unsure of the manufacturer of your fabric or materials, please contact Great Lakes Boat Top at 877-867-7861 or

How to battle mildew on your boat top or marine canvas enclosure.

Introducing an exciting breakthrough in marine maintenance: Monofoil safely and effectively repels mold, mildew and over 50 types of bacteria on upholstery, canvas, fiberglass and any other boat surface without damaging chemicals – for up to 3 months! Unlike traditional cleaners and disinfectants that only kill during the original application, MonoFoil molecularly bonds with the surface then attacks mold and mildew each time it attempts to adhere to the treated surface—for up to three months. This can save you money in cleaning solutions, countless hours in maintenance and can add years to the life of your canvas.

The moist marine environment can wreak havoc on your boat's canvas and interior. Great Lakes Boat Top can help you win the battle through this innovative solution to conquering mold and mildew.

  1. Eliminates mold, mildew and more than 50 other types of bacteria and prevents reoccurance for up to 3 months.
  2. Reduces the amount of effort you expend maintaining your boat so you can spend more time enjoying it.
  3. Developed for commercial applications such as hospitals to eradicate bacteria including MRSA and other resistant microorganisms, Monofoil can also be used in your home to prevent mold, mildew and the spread of germs.
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