A visor is a clear window or a set of clear windows attaching to a bimini top, Visor for Sea Rayhard top or the front of a radar arch and extending down to the windshield.  When combined with side curtains, a visor will help enclose the cockpit area of a boat from the front.

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Visor Use 
Visors are often used to keep rain and snow out of the front cockpit area of the boat or help keep temperatures warmer for the captain and the boat's occupants in the front.  Using a visor in conjunction with other canvas enclosure pieces, one can ensure comfortable use of a boat during the cooler early Spring and late Fall weather.  A visor is removable. 

Visor PartsVisor for Sea Ray Boat
A visor is primarily made up of three pieces of clear Eisenglass framed by canvas. The fabrics and colors available for Great Lakes Boat Top factory replacement visors vary by boat make and model.  The 
marine fabrics used for visors are originally selected by the boat manufacturer from Sunbrella®, and Stamoid™. 

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Windows - 
 Great Lakes Boat Top primarily uses Eisenglass windows in its visors and other enclosures, although the boat manufacturer selects the window material during the original design of the visor.  Eisenglass windows are clear, vinyl windows sewn into canvas for flexible, but tough construction.  Some visors have windows that can be rolled up during use.

Valance - If a visor attaches to the radar arch or hard top, a zipper strip called a valance, is used to make the connection.  If a visor attaches to bimini top, no valance or extra pieces are needed.  A valance, if required, will be included in a visor purchase unless otherwise specified.  
Visor Fit 
You won't find a visor at your local marine retail store or even at a boat dealer. Great Lakes Boat Top has partnered with 
almost 30 boat manufacturers over their 50 year history (and still today) to make visors and dozens of other boat covers, tops and enclosures.  The visor designs are patterned specifically for a year, make and model of a boat to the boat manufacturer's specifications.  If we made a visor for your boat at the request of the manufacturer, we have the pattern to make that exact same, exact matching, exact fitting visor for you. Guaranteed.  

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