Factory Replacement T-Tops for Center Console Boats

In the boating world, a t-top is much different from a car t-top. In a boat, the tops are made of canvas, not glass, and it is the top and the frame supports that look like a "T" lending the name "t-top". A t-top is commonly found on center console boats to offer protection from the elements, most commonly the sun, during a long day of fishing or other activities.

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Anatomy of a T-Top

T-Tops are found on boats with a center console and offer sun protection to the driver and a bit of shade around the center of the boat. A t-top is traditionally a rectangular shaped aluminum or stainless steel frame with some cross supports and one piece of canvas lashed to it. Instead of the snaps and zippers that accompany most other boat tops like bimini tops and camper tops, the canvas for a t-top is "lashed" to the frame with cording.

The frame of a t-top is attached to supports generally rising from the floor of the boat on either side of the console to be high enough for the driver to stand under the top. Some t-top frames will handle fishing rod holders attached to one end for extra storage and the cross supports may be good locations for navigation or stereo equipment. Be mindful of the design and construction of your t-top before loading it down with accessories, and always be sure any items are securely attached to your top before departing.

The fabrics and colors available for Great Lakes Boat Top factory replacement t-tops vary by boat make and model. The marine fabrics used are originally selected by the boat manufacturer from Sunbrella®, Stamoid™ and SeaMark™.

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T-Top Fit

You won't find a t-top at your local marine retail store or even at a boat dealer. Because the console dimensions will vary with every boat model and year, a t-top needs to be a custom fit. Great Lakes Boat Top has numerous t-top patterns for various boat models and we could have one for your boat. Request a quote for a t-top for your boat.

Because we design canvas product lines for specific boat models at the request of the boat manufacturers (partnering with almost 30 boat manufacturers in our over 50 year history), each product is a perfect fit for the boat for which it was designed. The tops and enclosures are designed to follow the contour of the boat and the covers accomodate every cleat and rail. If we made a t-top for your boat at the request of the manufacturer, we still have the pattern to make that exact same, exact matching, exact fitting t-top for you. Guaranteed.

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