Factory Replacement Mooring Covers

A mooring cover is what most people think of when they think of a traditional boat cover. Unlike a cockpit cover or tonneau cover that uses snaps to attach to the boat for coverage in a certain area, a mooring cover covers the entire boat, generally to or just below the rub rails on the sides, and cinches tight using a rope sewn in a hem all the way around the cover and/or with straps running under the boat from one side to another.

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Mooring Cover Uses

A mooring cover is often the boat cover of choice for off-season storage due to the full protection it offers. When boats are stored outside or in covered places, a mooring cover can protect the interior of the boat from not only rain, snow and dirt, but also can protect the gel coat from UV fading.

Mooring covers can also be used for trailering if it has been specifically constructed for that purpose. When designed for trailering, mooring covers are often constructed with additional soft padding on the underside of the cover at high wear areas like the pointed parts of the windshield and any corners. Many aftermarket universal Mooring Coverfitting boat covers and even some custom boat covers are not designed for trailering and can do damage to your boat either due to rubbing the gel coat or flapping in the wind. Also, the boat cover will not last as long because it will wear through at the areas without reinforcement.

Mooring Cover Accessories

When used on boats facing the elements, mooring covers should be used with boat poles to prevent water from pooling on the cover. When water pools, it stretches the covers, encourages mildew growth on the underside of the cover and it reduces the life of the mooring cover. Overall, this is not a good thing for your boat cover or your boat.

Depending on the boat's size and style, a boat pole would be placed in the open bow section and in the cockpit area under the cover perhaps attaching to the underside of the cover with a snap to hold the pole in place. The purpose of a boat pole is to raise up the mooring cover so water runs off the cover and off of the boat. Boat poles can come with or without vents and in various styles.

Thanks to HANGTYTE, you can eliminate standing water on your wakeboard boat's mooring cover without using poles or having to climb under the canvas. Simply affix the patented clamshell to your cover, take the line around your wakeboard tower pylon and ratchet it tight to remove indentations where water can collect. Once installed, HANGTYTE is a permanent part of your mooring cover and is easy to use. Keep your boat and cover looking better longer with HANGTYTE.


  1. Eliminates places where water can coiled on mooring covers.
  2. No poles or climbing under canvas; draws tight with a ratcheting line.
  3. Easy to install - installs in minutes.
  4. Inexpensive way to increase the life of your mooring cover and the beauty of your boat.
  5. US Patent No.: 7,987,807 B2

Mooring Cover Fit

A mooring cover is only as good as how well it fits. A boat cover that is too big will sag too much and allow water to pool on the top and the wind to blow it off. If the mooring cover is too small, it will not cover all areas of the boat and will not offer the protection you need.

Also of importance in a mooring cover's fit is the way it accommodates the various options the boat manufacturer offered for that model. For example, if a factory wakeboard tower was offered for the boat, Great Lakes Boat Top will often have a mooring cover that allows for the placement of the tower feet. However, if you added an aftermarket wakeboard tower to your boat, the factory mooring cover, even if for a wakeboard tower, will not fit as the tower feet would attach to the boat's deck in a different location from the factory tower.

When requesting a quote for a mooring cover, be sure to check the appropriate boxes for the options and accessories on your boat to ensure the mooring cover is an exact fit.

Great Lakes Boat Top only sells exact fitting mooring covers that are a perfect fit for each year, make and model of boat. Working in partnership with a boat's manufacturer, we design our boat covers for every curve and angle of each boat model and guarantee it will fit the boat for which they were designed.

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